Thursday, December 22, 2011

What a Pain!

Moving boxes piled high in our family room

I guess the key to moving is that you must do it so rarely that you forget how bad it really is (and that you have a dad who is always willing to help)!  After a week of nights with little sleep, David and I woke up early on Friday to finish packing up our house.  After an hour or two some wonderful little elves arrived, my parents and Katie (in town from Italy).  They packed up our entire kitchen and dining room and were such a huge help!

Saturday was the big day.  We left our house early to get the keys for our new 10' x 20' home at Extra Space Storage, and then we drove to pick up a UHAUL.  It was a bit unnerving when the woman at the desk was asleep for almost a full minute before we could get her attention.  Then she explained to us that she was tired because there had been a shooting next to her office the night before during a music video shoot.  She wasn't kidding, we heard about it on the news later that day.

Once we were back with the UHAUL, David, our elves (including Andrea this time), and I sprung into quick action. It took us more than seven hours and two UHAUL trips to load our entire house into the storage unit, which is now packed floor to ceiling.  I was envisioning that I could easily get back in and grab anything I might have forgotten for the trip.  Ha!  I hope I didn't forget anything, because it would be next to impossible to get anything out of there!  I made David promise that we will hire movers next time.  We'll see!

Moving my clothes onto the truck.
David driving the UHAUL.
Andrea on a runaway dolly!
The UHAUL on trip #2.
The hallway outside our unit.  Good thing no one else was moving in that day!
The storage unit packed floor to ceiling.
Home sweet home for our stuff for the next 8+ months!
Our amazing helpers!  It would have taken us 3 days to move without their help!!


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