Saturday, January 7, 2012

Marlborough Wine Region

At Cloudy Bay Winery

Exploring the Marlborough wine region was such a treat!  We stopped at four wineries: Lawson's Dry Hills, Wither Hills, Cloudy Bay, and Hans Herzog.  Our favorite wines were a few of the Sauvignon Blancs and Gewurztraminers.  Each winery had its own unique flavor and atmosphere, but we both quickly chose Cloudy Bay as one of our favorites.  Not only was the wine fantastic, but we sat in the swings outdoors for about 30 minutes just enjoying the scenery.

David relaxing on the swings at Cloudy Bay

Leaving the wine region we headed to Nelson for the night.  After a recommendation from a gas station attendant, we stopped to eat at Haven's Fish & Chips - wow!  After confirming that the raw fish and mussels on display could be cooked and eaten in the picnic area, we enjoyed an awesome dinner.  Possibly our favorite so far!

Dinner at Haven's Fish & Chips in Nelson


  1. LOVE reading all of this! Looks like you guys are off to a great start!! Miss you two and thinking of you!!

  2. haha and don't know why I am being listed as Ms. Kulavic! haha need to look at that. Have a great week this week!

  3. Had dinner with the Nort's and we bought a New Zealand Marlbourgh wine and toasted you both while at Murphy's!

  4. Enjoyed reading all your posts so far! After all the delicious meals you both have been might need a 3-day hike every week or so!

  5. I LOVE Cloudy Bay! Go back and send me a case :)

  6. Hi Sarah and David! Do you remember us? We met you on the Interislander Ferry and later again in Nelson. Colin kept up with your blog but I was distracted by our little buddle of joy who arrived fall 2012. I've been going back and reading your posts. Sounds like it was an amazing time! We are playing with the idea of a family trip back to NZ next year. I hope it works out! Hope y'all are well!

    Bernadette and Colin