Thursday, January 12, 2012

The West Coast

A picture from the first lookout point on the West coast of New Zealand

The West Coast of NZ is breathtaking!  We were lucky enough to get a blue sky cloudless day and so around every turn we felt the need to stop for more pictures.  The drive along the coastline is a couple hundred kilometers.  After the first few stops we realized it would take us a bit too long if we actually did stop at every lookout!

We made one stop at Punakaiki to see the "pancake rocks."  Although a bit touristy, they were really amazing to see!  You can tell from the picture below that the layered rocks have eroded to look a bit like pancakes, giving them their name.  There was also a really neat blowhole that was pretty active at high tide when we were there.

Punakaiki Rocks
Punakaiki Rocks

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