Sunday, February 5, 2012


A pedestrian walkway in Adelaide

A map of Australia can prove to be a bit of an optical illusion . . . we are learning that just because two places look close to each other on the map doesn't mean they are actually close to each other. There are vast amounts of emptiness on the map, and it is hard to imagine just how large they really are.

And so, after our Great Ocean Road trip we found ourselves driving from Warrnambool to Adelaide, an empty space on the map which turned out to last for about eight hours (over 700 km).

Good thing Adelaide was worth the effort. We have had a really nice and relaxing time here; this is a city I could live in! It is a really friendly place, and it is easy to see that people love living here. We have spent most of our time wandering through the Central Markets, enjoying the pedestrian mall, and eating our way through the ethnic areas. There was a small cricket match at the Adelaide Oval, so we took the opportunity to watch. It was our first time seeing a match. Not the most enthralling game I have ever seen, but after understanding the basic rules it became fun to watch. The Adelaide Oval sits next to a river and is surrounded by parks. The skyline provides the backdrop.

This morning when we were checking out of our hotel, we learned that Austin, Texas is Adelaide's sister city in the U.S. This means a trip to Austin is in order!


The Adelaide Oval
The Adabco Boutique Hotel in Adelaide

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