Sunday, February 19, 2012


Tuk-tuks and our first Thai massages - not a bad start to Thailand!

David and Gary waving from their tuk-tuk in Bangkok
Sara and Anne in a tuk-tuk in Bangkok

The tuk-tuks were fabulous, and after putting aside the fact that they felt a bit dangerous we had the best time -- definitely the most fun way to get around Bangkok!  We stopped by several gorgeous Buddhist temples and started to learn a bit about this fascinating religion.  We also stopped by a beautiful gem shop and a tailor.  Both fun stops, but after making it to a second gem shop we realized that the drivers were getting tokens for free gas whenever they dropped off the "tourists" in these places.  We had a good laugh over this and then insisted that they had to take us to lunch - "no more shops!"  The food in Bangkok is amazing and the price is just right - David and I are no longer having to penny pinch on food everywhere we go!

The highlight of our second day was Wat Po Temple, but it wasn't actually the 40-meter reclining Buddha that impressed us the most.  Instead it was the Thai massage school at the temple.  We each had a one hour Thai massage, and as soon as we finished we wanted another one!  The massage cost about $12 USD for one hour.  Wish they had these back home for that price!  I would get one every week.

On our second night we joined up with a G Adventures tour group in Bangkok.  David and I are really excited about a full month of accommodation and transportation being planned for us!


Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok
A boat on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

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