Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay
When arriving at Ha Long Bay it is hard to miss the fact that it was recently voted as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World - there are quite a few signs letting you know.  Who voted, we don't know, but we agree it is pretty spectacular.  Unfortunately, we weren't graced with any of the elusive blue sky, but the clouds did add an air of mysteriousness to the experience.  With each turn we took on the boat another rock would seemingly appear from nowhere.

We cruised through Ha Long Bay spending the night on a "junk boat" that was anything but junky.  There were only 16 of us on board, but the crew prepared food to feed a village.  It seems like cruising, no matter where you do it, involves eating too much food!  No complaining here.

Heading out for an afternoon kayak at Halong Bay

Our junk boat

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