Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hoi An Foodies

Arriving in Hoi An, I found out about a 'Foodie' tour.  My first thought was, what is a 'Foodie' tour?

The answer: a chance to walk around Hoi An with a local and try about 50 different types of street food.  Um, yes please!!!

Our favorites were:
 -Sinh To (mixed fruit shake)
-Xi Ma (black sesame seed soup)
-Kem Flan (just as it sounds)
-Hoanh Thanh (fried wontons with salsa)
-Ca Tim (eggplant)
-Banh Chung (square sticky rice cakes with green bean and pork)

Last night and this morning we went back for more!  Hoanh Thanh and Ca Tim for dinner.  And this morning round two of Sinh To (actually rounds two and three for me), Xi Ma, and Kem Flan.

Our guide explained a few things that make me think my eating style is somewhat Vietnamese:
1. The Vietnamese get bored when they aren't eating (me too!), so they eat snacks all day.  They might have breakfast and then stop at three food stands for snacks before lunch.  This is exactly how I would imagine the perfect morning.

2. The Vietnamese inhale their food, and and they don't understand Westerners who graze over a plate for thirty minutes.  As I finished my meal before any of the other seven people at our table last night, I realized that I might fit into this category, too.

This place is tasty and the good news is that there is still time for more eating.


Sara drinking a Sin To

David eating Xi Ma


  1. Replies
    1. cảm ơn. nhiều hơn để đi!

    2. Tôi không thể chờ đợi cho số tiền bắn ở phía trước của núi everest

  2. I loved Hoi An. While I think you can pass on getting clothes made there, you should check out the Red Bridge Cooking School: Or you can rent bikes and head to the beach. Whatever you do, stay away from the tiny red peppers. Enjoy!!!


    1. Hoi An was fabulous!! We missed the Red Bridge Cooking School, but loved the bikes and riding to the beach. You are right that we didn't need to get clothes made. We did get a few, but it definitely wasn't our favorite part of Hoi An.