Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Phnom Penh

Sara in a cyclo in Phnom Penh

David has been keeping a list of every unique form of transportation we take on this trip.  Our first night in Phnom Penh we got to add a new one - the cyclo. 

It is much too hot to be on a cyclo during the day - temperatures are in the 100s here and it's very dry.  But at night things cool down and it is a perfect time to see the city light up.  Phnom Penh lacks traffic patterns and the cyclos lack lights.  A funny combination which kept us on the edge of our seats the whole time. To make things more interesting, my driver was a little nutty and liked to yell at all the passing cars that he turned out in front of (and they told us that Cambodians are very peaceful folks...).

Phnom Penh is a nice city and bigger than I expected.  It is also dirtier than I expected, moreso than any city in Vietnam.  The vast difference between rich and poor is immediately evident.  We saw hundreds of Lexus and Range Rovers on the same streets where many people slept.

Overall, it was a nice city with great markets and was a good place to spend a few days.

Wat Phnom
Sunset from our hotel balcony in Phnom Penh

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