Sunday, April 1, 2012

Celebrating three months in Penang

March 29 marked the end of our third month on the road.  We spent the day exploring a little more of the island outside of Georgetown.  Our first stop was a tropical fruit farm.  We researched and knew to take the 101 bus to the end of the line where we would catch the 501 bus to the fruit farm.  What we didn't know was that the 501 bus only ran once every two hours.  When we reached the end of the 101 line, we learned that we had missed the 501 by about ten minutes.  No problem!  Ani came to our rescue and and offered to drive us around the island for the rest of the afternoon.  At the fruit farm we gorged ourselves on fruits along with about a dozen Saudi tourists who were there with us.  Afterwards we visited Penang Hill where we rode a cable car to the top for magnificent views over the whole island. It was a great way to spend our final day in Penang!

Sara enjoying the fruit buffet at a fruit farm in Penang
Our tour group at the fruit farm
The view from the top of Penang Hill

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