Thursday, April 12, 2012

Delhi Old and New

Old Delhi as seen from Jama Masjid mosque

Delhi is like two completely different cities squeezed together into one.  The first time that I was in Delhi I got a good feel for New Delhi but completely missed out on Old Delhi.  This time we explored both Old and New, and we really loved them both.

Delhi is completely covered in monuments and ancient ruins.  We loved our stay in a guesthouse in a very nice, quiet neighborhood in New Delhi.  When we arrived we couldn't help but notice a huge ancient building near the entrance to the neighborhood.  In another city it would have been a major attraction, but here it was not even on the map and no one knew what it was.  That's the kind of city Delhi is.

Random monument in the neighborhood where we were staying

For me it was a short night of sleep because our homestay had satellite TV and I stayed up late watching the final round of the Masters!  Double eagle?  Wow!  In the morning we started exploring.  We actually started by leaving the city and visiting the Qutb Minar, a huge tower built to commemorate the first Muslim victory in India.  Afterwards we headed into New Delhi -- the government center that was planned by the British.  It reminded us of red sandstone version of London or Washington.  There are wide avenues, big government buildings, and parks.  After a quick stop we dove headfirst into Old Delhi.  What a difference a few kilometers makes!  Old Delhi is jam-packed with people and energy.  We really enjoyed wandering through the narrow streets and bazaars, seeing the Red Fort, and climbing to the top of the Jama Masjid mosque.

We had two nights in Delhi, which did give us enough time to do everything we wanted, but we certainly could have spent a few more days just enjoying the city.  We loved the time that we had!


Qutb Minar
Women at Qutb Minar
Presidential Palace (for the second time!)
Old Delhi


  1. We will miss ya'll this weekend for the big birthday bash! Headed to Sylvania this afternoon. Had a great Easter with Charlie, Christie, and Jay.

    Ya'll will definitely be in our thoughts this weekend.

    1. We will really miss you guys this weekend, too. If India weren't so far away, we'd be there in a second. All weekend we will be thinking of Gee and all of you celebrating with her. We can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!

      David and Sara