Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kandy Land

If you know anything about my affinity for sweets, you understand why I have been especially excited about visiting Kandy.  Perhaps I set the bar a bit too high, because although Kandy was a very nice city, it was probably  our least favorite stop in Sri Lanka.  This was probably also due to the fact that everywhere else in Sri Lanka was so fantastic!

Our stay got off to a rocky start when we arrived at our guesthouse for the night, the Sharon Inn, and there was no room for us.  After some confusion and frustration, they pushed us off to another guesthouse nearby.  It worked out okay, but it was the first time that we have been given a curfew on the trip - 10 pm on the dot or we would be locked out.

Kandy's high points were the bustling Municipal Markets, the Temple of the Tooth, which houses one of Buddha's teeth, and beautiful Botanical Gardens.

A couple dressed for their wedding in traditional Kandyan attire
The Temple of the Tooth
Talking with some students in the Botanical Gardens who were practicing their English


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