Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our first sprint workout

Our first sprint workout was on a train platform.  It was 11:00 p.m. and we were the only Westerners among hundreds of Indians waiting for the overnight train to Jaisalmer.

This was our second overnight train so we were feeling more confident in the drill of finding our carriage and berths.  Our first mistake was trusting a sign over the platform that told us our carriage, A1, would be arriving at that spot.  Instead, when the train arrived at 11:50 pm, the luggage carriage was directly in front of us.  With no idea how long we would have before the train would leave the station we started moving quickly to find our carriage.  All the way to the front, but no luck.  Back to the middle, no luck.  A security guard sent us back to the front (our second mistake was listening to him).  Of course, no luck.  Finally, in a full sprint at this point, we ran toward the back of the train and found A1.  We threw our bags on on board and collapsed as quietly as possible into our berths so as not to wake the Indian family already asleep in the berths next to ours.  Sweating profusely with hearts beating a mile a minute was not the ideal way to start an overnight train journey. About three minutes later the train pulled out of the station.  I guess we could have run a little more slowly, but at our pace at least we didn't see the crazy looks we were probably getting.

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