Sunday, May 20, 2012


Macau is strange, unlike any other place that we have ever been.  Imagine Las Vegas with a quaint Portuguese town on one side of the Strip and nice beaches and fishing villages on the other side.

Like Hong Kong, it is a "special administrative region" of China.  That means that it is part of China but operates with a high degree of autonomy.  It has its own money (the pataca), legal system (which allows gaming), and immigration policies.  Arriving by ferry from Hong Kong, we had to pass through customs and get our passports stamped.

Our favorite part of Macau was the the old historic center.  We also enjoyed visiting a few of the casinos and having a nice dinner at Restaurante Fernando on a quiet strip of beach.  Speaking of the casinos, we were told that they bring in more gambling revenue than their counterparts in Vegas.  We believe it, since they were absolutely packed!

Largo do Senado in the middle of town
Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral.  Today only the facade remains.
Shooting a cannon at the Grand Lisboa
We had trouble getting people to take a decent picture of the two of us, so we resorted to a mirrored window!
Sara asked for all of the above except the baby chair at Restaurante Fernando.  We saw the sign on the way out.
The Cotai Strip
Inside the Venetian Macau -- just like Vegas except almost everyone was at the casinos instead of the shops and restaurants.

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