Thursday, May 24, 2012

Walking the Dragon's Back

We were surprised that for such a big city Hong Kong has so many wild, undeveloped parts.  Only a 20-minute bus ride from downtown are some amazing hiking trails.  The Dragon's Back Trail is one of the best.  Walking along the top of the ridge you would have no idea that you were just outside a huge city but for the tops of a few tall buildings peaking out over some hills in the distance. 

David testing his luck before the hike

This way to the Dragon's Back Trail
Looking out over a bay from the Dragon's Back

The weather was perfect as we set out on our hike, but apparently the weather can change quickly in Hong Kong!  Check out the pictures above and below.  They were taken within 30 minutes of each other.  It took a bit of imagination on our parts to take in the view once the fog rolled in!  The hike was a lot of fun, and Sara did great as she recovers from her sprained ankles!  

As we finished the walk we found ourselves at the beach!  Big Wave Bay is a relatively quiet corner of Hong Kong Island.  We had hamburgers at a beachside cafe and then went for our second swim in the South China Sea (not counting our trip to the beach in Hoi An, Vietnam).


Big Wave Bay

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