Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cruising the Yangtze River - Anniversary-Style!

May 29th was a  big day for us – our 2-year wedding anniversary and our five month traveling anniversary!  We celebrated with a 3-day cruise on the Yangtze River. 

David in front of our cruise ship - the President No. 1

It was David’s first cruise and I really enjoyed watching him experience the after-dinner shows, the captain’s cocktail party, and the other cruise activities for the first time – Chinese-style of course!

Sara joined in a Chinese Hula dance
The original Shabaozhai Pagoda was built high enough that it is not under water, but now it is an island.

We saw at least thirty communities along the Yangtze that were relocated due to the flooding when the dam was created.  The original homes and farms are all under water, and millions of people were moved into new communities on higher ground.

A view along the Yangtze River

A sunset picture taken from our balcony -- our favorite spot on the boat

We spent a lot of time on our balcony, reading, relaxing, enjoying happy hour, and of course watching the incredible scenery.  It was a real treat and a great way to celebrate!



  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!! Glad you are having such an amazing experience and thanks for sharing your journey!!

    1. Thanks, Mark! Hope you are doing great. Thanks for checking in on our journey :)