Saturday, June 23, 2012


A path along the Iset River in Ekaterinburg with old factories on the right

Ekaterinburg is the industrial capital of the mineral-rich Ural region.  The locals are proud of their city, which they call the third city of Russia (after Moscow and St. Petersburg, of course).  During the Cold War, Ekaterinburg (then renamed Sverdlovsk) was the center of the Russian defense industry.  It was only in 1991 that foreign tourists were even allowed to visit the city!

We can only imagine how much Ekaterinburg has changed since the early-90s.  The city recently painted a walking trail that passes many of the city’s historical sites.  We found ourselves following the red line for a nice afternoon stroll.  It is easy to see that this is a city clamoring for tourists and recognition, and deservedly so.  We only had two days here and wouldn’t have minded a little more time.

Ekaterinburg's City Administration building

Street performers dancing with fire at midnight on the dam of the City Pond in Ekaterinburg

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