Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Propaganda Poster Art Centre

I still can’t quite believe this place exists in China. 

The Propaganda Poster Art Centre

I had just finished a book that talked a lot about the propaganda posters and the "Great Leap Forward" period of Mao Zedong’s regime, so when I saw the Propaganda Poster Art Centre in our Lonely Planet book I was really excited.  I had pretty low expectations because I wasn’t expecting that the government would allow criticized propaganda posters to be displayed.   Well they do, and the art center completely surpassed my expectations.  Several of the posters were even originals from which millions of prints had been made and distributed to the people. 
There were quite a few anti-US posters like the one below.

An anti-US poster at the Propaganda Art Museum

Many posters disseminated during the "Great Leap Forward" showed happy people with plenty of food, even though that was far from the reality.  Here is an example.

A "Great Leap Forward" poster

The museum was very hard to find, located in the bottom of an apartment building in a residential neighborhood, but it was well worth the effort.   Such an interesting museum!


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