Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ulaan Baatar

Overlooking Ulaan Baatar from the Zaisan Memorial honoring Soviet soldiers killed in World War II
We had an afternoon and evening in Ulaan Baatar (called UB by most Mongolians) before heading out to a ger camp outside of the city. 

Although it isn’t the prettiest city we have been to, it was well worth a visit.  The themes of the town: Genghis Khan (pronounced Chingis Khan in Mongolia) and Mongolian BBQ.  We spent time enjoying both – nice statues of Ghengis Khan in the main square in town and a delicious Mongolian BBQ dinner.

Gandan Monastery in Ulaan Baatar
Ghengis Khan statue at the Mongolian parliament building on Sukhbaatar Square
Beautiful wedding couple and their family in Sukhbaatar Square


  1. Hi. This is Toogii. Thank you for visiting my Mongolia. I hope you had great time in Mongolia. Being your guide was a reputation for me. Enjoy your tour.
    Bayarlalaa. /Thanks in Mongolian/

    1. Toogii! So glad you found our blog. Great to hear from you. We had a fabulous time in Mongolia - thanks for all you did to make it so special. Hope to see you again, whether in the States or in Mongolia!