Friday, July 13, 2012

Beating the Heat

The game plan when we woke up in Antalya was to beat the heat!

Father and son walking in Old Town Antalya

After an early morning wandering around Kaleici, old town Antalya, we made our way to the water.  Seeing a few boats pass by, we collectively schemed to get ourselves onto a boat for a few hours.  We had a great time, although we were taken for a bit of a ride (and not just a boat ride).  This can be looked at in two different ways:

1) We spent an hour sitting in beanbags waiting for the boat to depart while being told the boat would depart in 10 minutes each time we asked, OR

2) We got a free third hour on the two-hour boat ride that we paid for!

Enjoying the breeze from our beanbags once the boat got moving

After the boat ride we headed to a nearby beach that was built into a cliff wall.  No sand here, just pebbles surrounded by the clear, blue, cool Mediterranean Sea.

A public beach in Antalya

We spent the afternoon siesta-ing and didn't head back out until the sun was on its way down!

Our first stop was happy hour.  On the way Charles found the Turkish pretzel man.  First, we had to pose for a picture.  Then, in payment for the picture, we had to buy a pretzel.  Oh well, turned out to be a perfect snack with the local Efes beers!

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