Monday, July 23, 2012

Pamukkale and Hierapolis

Off the coastal roads that we've been driving, but certainly not off the tourist track, Pamukkale is a beautiful (and really odd) spot.

Sara in a thermal pool at Pamukkale

In real life it looks just like it does in the pictures -- like pools of frigid water surrounded by snow.  But in 100+ degree heat, it certainly isn't snow.  Calcium-rich water running over these cliffs for thousands of years has created these huge, white travertine terraces.

David at Pamukkale

As if that's not enough the water sources are also thermal springs.  For thousands of years the warm water has been attracting people to the area.  We can understand why!  The Romans used the hot springs as baths and built the ancient city of Hierapolis on top of the cliffs.  Seeing the ruins juxtaposed with the snow-white travertines was quite a sight!

A tomb at Pamukkale
Sunset at Pamukkale

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