Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road Trip - Turkey Style

We have learned that Turkey isn't easy to get around by air.  You have to fly to or from Istanbul to get almost anywhere, which would mean backtracking from Cappadocia to Istanbul just to get to the southern coast.  Instead, we decided to rent a car to get around.  We ended up with a Peugeot that is shaky going uphill in first, but fits all four of our big suitcases (even though the car company said that it would only fit three)!

David squeezing our big car through old town Antalya - this was not a one way street
Christie at the wheel of our Peugeot!

When we set out from Cappadocia, we had no idea how long our trip would be.  After consulting every book and online source we could find, we had received a range of estimates between five and a half hours and eight and a half hours.  Turns out it took us seven and a half hours to get to Antalya.  Thank goodness for David and Christie's fast excellent driving or it could have been a much longer trip.  It wasn't easy keeping up with the locals!

Sara standing in a field of sunflowers on the drive between Cappadocia and Antalya

David likes to find things like this and this on the side of the road.  I, on the other hand, love sunflower fields!  Who knew that central Turkey was full of them?  What a great surprise!


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  1. Sara - you look right in your element in the sunflowers! Your favorite flower since you were a little girl. What an amazing adventure! Love, Dad