Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Underground Cities

It isn't just the scenery above ground that is spectacular.  In Cappadocia you have to go below ground too!

Christie and Sara at the Derinkuyu underground city

A thousand years ago families and their animals lived underground in Cappadocia when they needed to defend themselves against an attack.  The city descended five levels (about 200 feet) below ground, and included a church, school, meeting room, and winery.

Baptismal pool on the fifth level of the Derinkuyu underground city

After my failed attempt at the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam, I was determined to make it through the underground city at Derinkuyu.  If they could live down there, an hour visit should be doable for me!  I did quite a bit of mental prepping, and I made sure to have a bottle of water and a fan ready in case I started getting anxious.

David in one of the staircases between levels in the underground city

Well, it was a piece of cake!!  It was nice and cool and not too crowded, which helped a lot.  I gave myself a pat on the back as we made our way back into the sunshine.  What a memorable experience.

Charles at the Derinkuyu underground city


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  1. That made me nervous just looking at that picture of David! Geez! That's awesome.