Monday, August 6, 2012

Livingstone Island

Our first morning in Zambia was quite a treat!  We were picked up from our hostel and taken to the Royal Livingstone Hotel.  Wow!  From the Royal Livingstone we caught a boat out to Livingstone Island, so named because it is the spot from which David Livingstone first saw Victoria Falls.

Boat out to Livingstone Island

It was fitting because Livingstone Island was also the spot where we saw Victoria Falls for the first time.  It was spectacular!  The island sits out in the middle of the Zambezi River at the edge of the falls.  We had no idea to what to expect, but we were greeted by our personal guide, Alpha Omega (yep, that was his name), who took us all around the top of the falls.  We could hardly believe how close we got to the edge of the falls. 

David and Sara at the top of Victoria Falls on Livingstone Island

Alpha O even helped us both peek over the edge.

Sara peeking over the edge with the help of our guide Alpha Omega

This is what we saw!

Looking over the edge of Victoria Falls from Livingstone Island

The morning was already perfect, but to cap it off we were taken to another part of Livingstone Island for an amazing brunch.  David got his first biscuit since leaving home.  Needless to say, he was thrilled!!

Eggs Benedict breakfast on Livingstone Island looking out over Victoria Falls

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