Monday, September 3, 2012

Shark Cage Diving: Take Two

Our second try at cage diving was perfect – calm seas, a light breeze, and tons of sharks!  It wasn’t long after we anchored that the first sharks arrived and decided that our “decoy” – a rubber seal nicknamed Gladys – looked tasty.  Earlier we had asked our captain Brian about the sharks’ teeth, and he promised Sara a tooth if one got stuck in Gladys (something that happens about once every six months).  It was her lucky day, because this shark left one of his behind!

A Great White Shark with our decoy Gladys in its mouth

We quickly pulled on some really thick wetsuits and hopped into the cage.

Inside the diving cage just before closing the lid

Watching from the cage wasn’t really as scary as we had expected.  It was really interesting to watch the sharks up close trying to feed on poor Gladys and the hunk of tuna floating in the water.  They are really fast when they want to be!  Sometimes the sharks would crash into the cage, but more often than not, they steered clear.  We made sure to keep our fingers and toes safely inside!

A Great White Shark outside the diving cage

Thank you Sara for a wonderful birthday present that I will never forget!!!



  1. Are you kidding me! I would never have allied this!!

  2. Ya'll are insane!!! Glad ya'll got to see the sharks on Day 2.

  3. Can't wait to watch Y'all free-climb 999 Peachtree when you get back! Your fellow adrenaline junkie, Ben M.