Monday, September 17, 2012

Snorkeling in the Red Sea

I always confused the Red Sea and the Dead Sea in my mind -- no longer!!

The Dead Sea:  You can float really easily, but you better not get the water near your face if you want to avoid burning eyes and tasting salt for the rest of the day.  And there is nothing to see in the water because NOTHING lives in the Dead Sea.

The Red Sea:  Although not far away it couldn't be more different.  Water in your mouth or eyes, no sweat!  And the life underwater is incredible.  We spent several hours snorkeling and the coral reefs honestly rivaled the reefs we saw at the Great Barrier Reef.

My favorite underwater fish of the day:  the Sara-named Zebra fish.

My favorite underwater person of the day:  David!

David snorkeling in the Red Sea


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