Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tel Aviv

Our last two days in Israel were spent in Tel Aviv.  What a difference from Jerusalem -- we went from a really conservative city to Miami Beach!

Tel Aviv has miles and miles of bike paths that run along its gorgeous coastline.  We wasted no time in renting bikes near the beach and enjoying the day!

Riding bikes in Tel Aviv

We had just as much fun at night!  Watching a gorgeous sunset, eating an excellent Israeli seafood dinner, and capping it all off with a couple of beers.

Sunset in Tel Aviv
A goodbye beer in Tel Aviv

Israel was our last "new" country of the trip.  Wow, hard to believe!  Now we are off to the land of wine, pizza, pasta, and gelato (a.k.a. Italy) for a few weeks before we head back home.  Ciao!   


  1. Wow! Can't believe your trip is almost over! David, definitely don't rush back to an office job--you're going to be in shock!

  2. Sure you don't want to stop in and see some of our family in Beirut?

  3. So enjoy reading your reflections on Israel. Brings back many memories of visits. Glad you felt the peace in religious Jerusalem & the big city secular life in Tel Aviv. Amazing dichotomy within such a tiny space.

    Continued safe travels!!
    -Dara Merlin