Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Walk through Valdottavo

Valdottavo is a small Tuscan town north of Lucca and Pisa.  It is beautiful, and as I said to Katie over and over, it just feels so Italian.  Katie and Andrea spend the summer in Valdottavo, and it has been such a treat getting to know the town.

Welcome to Valdottavo!
A view of Valdottavo from above

We took a long walk through town one day and took pictures along the way.  Our first stop was a bridge crossing the small river that runs through town.

Sara and Katie on the bridge in Valdottavo

Then we walked down the main street in Valdottavo.

The main street in Valdottavo -- Villa Unita d'Italia

Of course we made a stop at Valdottavo's local grocery store!  We bought some grapes but didn't have the correct change to pay for them.  No problem, just bring it by another day.  Valdottavo is great!

Natalina grocery store in Valdottavo

And then we came across one of our favorite sights of the day -- Andrea outside of his house slicing prosciutto crudo for lunch.  Yum!

Andrea getting lunch ready

We will really miss Valdottavo, but the good thing is that we know we will be back to visit Katie and Andrea!


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  1. Great photos that bring back so many special memories. It is such a great town - and the proscuitto looks awesome too. Can't wait to get back. See you soon!!!!!!!!!