Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Trip Home

After a fun night in NYC we made our way to LaGuardia for our final leg, a flight to Atlanta.

Our flight home

As we boarded the plane there was no denying that we were wrapping up our amazing adventure.  We spent most of the flight reminiscing about the trip and writing our thoughts in the journal that we kept through the journey.  The trip home was a little sad, but were very excited with so many people to see at home and the possibilities of new adventures on the horizon.

Day # 287 - Back to where it all began
Day # 1 - Leaving for the airport on December 29

It is hard for us to believe that we pulled off our trip, especially with no major mishaps.  There are so many things that could have gone wrong and thrown us off of our path, and we feel so fortunate that we really made it all the way around the world.

Over the next week we plan to pop back into the blog with a few final trip summaries, packing lists, and maps.  We loved keeping the blog and are thrilled to know that we have all of these memories for years to come.  But it also added a lot knowing that all of you were checking in and traveling along with us!  Thanks for being such great travel partners and stay tuned as we wrap things up!  :)

~Sara and David


  1. Your bags were certainly a lot cleaner then! They have traveled around the world and took quite a beating. So glad to have you both home safe and sound!

  2. WELCOME HOME!!! You have been missed and we welcome you with open arms :) Can't wait to see you!