Sunday, January 1, 2012

Auckland Highlights

Auckland is a very international city.  During our day in the city, we only came across one or two native English speakers.  It felt a bit odd being in an English-speaking country, yet having to work to understand most of the English that we were hearing. 

The waterfront in Auckland

We really enjoyed walking along the beautiful waterfront - there were some absolutely amazing condos and yachts. David loved seeing several of the America's Cup boats that were docked in the harbor. There were also several large cruise ships in port. We wandered up Franklin Road, which reminded us of some of the hills in San Francisco. Queen Street, where our hotel was located, is a hub for restaurants, bars, and shops. Kharangahape may have been our favorite street. It felt very local, and we enjoyed a great Thai meal. All in all we enjoyed Auckland, but are glad we will be headed out tomorrow to start driving south.


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