Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo was bustling!  Definitely a hot spot for families on summer vacation as well as university students.  Once we realized we wouldn't be sleeping in the car that night, we relaxed and enjoyed the scene. 

Our two favorite parts of Taupo:

Hot Thermal Spring in Lake Taupo

A really neat hot thermal spring that flowed into a cold river flowing from Lake Taupo just outside of town.  After a short dip in the water with just our feet, we decided that this natural and free hot tub was too good to be missed and headed back to the car for our swimsuits.  A very relaxing and unique experience enjoyed with lots of other locals and tourists.

Playing golf down under
David swung his first golf club in the southern hemisphere!  Off the edge of Lake Taupo no less.  A hole in one was worth NZ$10,000.  We left with another experience in the bank, but no extra money in hand!


  1. what a great blog! we will enjoy following your adventure and seeing the great pictures. looks like everyone in the hot spring is naked. Wishing you all the best!! John and Maria

  2. David - did you land one on the raft? Looks like you guys are having a fantastic time! Skip the reservations - sounds like you made out better with the B&B!!

  3. Is that Lake Taupo or the 'hooch in Helen? Bet the accents were way better:)

  4. I tried that hole in one several times! The distance is deceiving..
    Glad you guys are having a great time! There's a place to rent kayaks near by..check it out if you have time!

  5. Ah, to go back to Lake Taupo. We celebrated Nick's 20th birthday there more years ago than I really care to think about.

    Looks like a great start to the trip. Have fun and be careful out there!

  6. Glad you guys are having a blast and that David got to practice his swing!