Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games and Mexican food

I was anticipating a craze like I hear there has been back home in the States!  So we scootered over to the theater three hours before showtime just to get our tickets and pick out our seats - turns out we were the first ones there.  We still thought there would be a line to get in, so we were sure to arrive to the theater 30 minutes before the show - turns out they wouldn't even let us in until five minutes before it began.  There wasn't a craze here at all. 

But we did have the chance to sit amongst about two dozen locals to watch The Hunger Games (I am finishing and loving the third book right now).  We even had a bit of a cultural experience as we spent a few minutes before the movie all standing while the national anthem played along with a slide show of the King and Queen of Thailand.  The movie was fabulous and seeing a movie within one day of its release in the States felt pretty good, too!

Then we came back and decided that instead of going to our favorite Thai restaurant on the beach our last night in Thailand we would go out for Mexican.  An odd decision, which hit the spot! 

Today was a day for doing things we wouldn't ordinarily do on a vacation, but instead things that we would have done on a weekend in Atlanta, which felt pretty good!!   

A good day and a great week!


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