Saturday, March 24, 2012

The tough sell

The first time the man selling sky lanterns walked by, I made a mistake.  I showed some interest and walked up to ask him the price.  Once I showed interest, he knew he had as good as made the sale.

I walked back to our table and told David that if he passed again once we were done with dinner then we would get one.  Of course the man passed again, about three minutes later.  We were still eating, so I paid no attention.  Then he passed again after another five minutes, saw we were done with dinner, and planted himself in my direct line of vision waving the sky lantern around.  The tough sell, I'd call that!  At this point, I had just finished eating and I think David realized that this guy wasn't going to make it easy for us to leave without getting a sky lantern.  So he grabbed the camera and said "let's go get one!"

And so, I got to let off my first sky lantern on the beach in Koh Samui while making all sorts of wishes and being promised good luck for years.  Not bad for 250 Baht.



  1. Fun. And when those wishes come true, you will remember your special evening with the salesman and the sky lantern.

  2. Hey Guys

    Looks like you have had a great time in Ko Samui. Myanmar has been great. Internet here is a little dodgy though. Received your emails (thanks for the photos) but cannot respond to any emails!?!

    The girls and I reach Ko Samui on Monday evening. Let me know if you will still be there. Also looked at your blog and I think you guys and I may be in HKG around the same time. It's about the time that I get back from North Korea. Maybe we can catch up there? Will be back on email tomorrow evening...