Friday, July 20, 2012

A Side Trip to Greece

When we started planning our travels, we agreed that we would not visit countries that either of us had already visited.  We broke our rule by going to India, which I had already been to once before.  And we just broke it again by taking a ferry to Greece for a couple of days.  I had no idea just how close some of the Greek isles are to the Turkey coast.  It was just a one-hour trip over to the island of Rhodes.  Sara did not object to going back, and now I see why.  Greece is great!

Rhodes' medieval Old Town is incredibly well-preserved but it is also a living, breathing place (much like Jaisalmer Fort).  People still live in every nook and cranny, and the streets bustle with locals and tourists.

What we will remember most about Rhodes:

-   Walking the winding streets of Old Town

Quiet street in Rhodes' Old Town

-   The huge yachts and sailboats just outside the city walls

Yachts in the harbor at Rhodes
-  Enjoying a picnic lunch and a warmup to the London Olympics at the stadium at the Acropolis of Rhodes

A picnic lunch amid the ruins at the Acropolis of Rhodes
David "competing" in the stadium at the Acropolis of Rhodes
As we were checking out of our guest house the owner said, "please pay in cash if possible.  We pay enough taxes already."  Citizens of some other EU countries may have resented that comment!


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  1. Until now I still get goose bumps whenever I see the lean pathways of the old city of Rhodes. You know, just envisioning all the epic and historic events that had happened in that very place while walking on it is so astonishing.

    Constance Todd