Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ostrich Rodeo

Oudtshoorn is the self-proclaimed “Ostrich Capital of the World.”  If you’ve never tried ostrich, you are missing out big time!  After trying it in Windhoek, we were hooked and began looking for it on every menu.  The farms around Oudtshoorn raise thousands of the big birds, and some of them invite visitors.  These two ostrich-addicts were all over it.

Here are a few things we learned at the ostrich farm.  Ostrich eggs weigh 3 pounds, and you can stand on them without cracking them.  The beaks and legs of the males turn red during mating season.  Ostrich leather is the second toughest after kangaroo.  The best way to survive an ostrich attack is to lie face down on the ground.  And last but not least, you can ride them!!!  Well, at least you can if you are under 75 kilos, which meant that Sara made the cut, but I didn’t.

You mean you can ride this guy?

It’s just a bird.  How dangerous could it be?

Riding of ostriches at own risk

Whoa, that seems kinda dangerous!

And she's off!
Ostrich riding in Oudtshoorn

Sara hopped off after her wild ride with a huge smile on her face!  Maybe I should go on a huge diet so that I can ride one next time!


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  1. The last picture just might be my favorite picture of your entire trip! Priceless! David, couldn't they find some big o'l ostrich for you to ride?