Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cango Caves

After leaving the Garden Route we headed inland to the little town of Oudtshoorn.  First stop: Cango Caves.  We opted for the "adventure tour" which meant that we would be squeezing through some very tight spaces!!!

Sara conquered a bit of a fear when she came out the other side of a few of the tunnels.

Peaking through the "Post Box"at Cango Caves
Coming out the other side of the "Post Box" at Cango Caves

Our guide asked David to do a pull-up on one of the rock shelves in the cave to show off its strength (it being the rock shelf).  Success: neither David nor the rock shelf fell!

Pulling up on a rock shelf at Cango Caves


  1. Cross Fit in a cave! Well done

  2. Sara - bet you liked seeing the daylight! I would too. Nice smile.