Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tsitsikamma National Park

A view along South Africa's Garden Route

After a couple of exciting days in Gansbaai, we continued east along the coast of South Africa.  A few hours in the car brought us to the Garden Route, a scenic route that reminded us of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.  The Garden Route brought us all the way to Tsitsikamma National Park.

Since we were delayed by a day at Gansbaai, we had a very long drive and arrived much later than we had planned.  Although I don’t love arriving somewhere in the dark it does make the morning very exciting when you can head outside and check out the view!

Our Forest Hut in Tsitsikamma National Park

We decided to spend a few days in Tsitsikamma after a couple of South Africans recommended it to us.  We were very excited to see what was in store.  The Otter Trail is a very famous hike in South Africa.  It takes five days to complete and you have to sign up for a permit at least a year in advance.  The good news for us is that anyone can hike the first day of the Otter Trail without a permit.  It was gorgeous.  I can’t imagine what five days would have been like!

David on the Otter Trail

Our best animal sighting while in the park?  Rock dassies!

Rock dassies in Tsitsikamma National Park

Can you believe that these little guys are the closest living relative to elephants? 

What a way to celebrate our eighth month of traveling!


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