Friday, November 2, 2012

Signing Off

Our travels have come to a close and now so does our blog.  A huge thanks to all of you who followed us.  We really enjoyed blogging on all of our adventures knowing that we had so many loyal readers following us along the way.  Thank you!!!

Now that we are home we are, of course, sad that our adventures are over.  But we are having a great time reflecting back over all that we saw and experienced this year as well as all of the wonderful people that we met around the world.  From the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Wall, Moscow to the Mongolian steppe, and Shanghai to Swakopmund, the world completely wowed us!!!  We will never forget this year and this adventure!

Sunset over Botswana's Okavango Delta

-David and Sara


  1. Thanks for taking us on your adventure with you. Your great blog made me feel like I was enjoying the countries with you. I am very proud of all you have done in 2012 on this magnificent journey! It is great to have you both home, but your wonderful blog will also be missed!!

  2. A thoroughly fascinating adventure! I particularly enjoyed your willingness for free-lance travel. Your summaries and impressions of what you saw are much appreciated. Take care!