Thursday, November 1, 2012

By the Numbers

Number of days spent traveling the world: 287 days

Number of continents visited: 5 continents

Number of countries visited: 25 countries (not counting Hong Kong, Macau, the Palestinian Territories, any countries we passed through on layovers, or the good ol' USA)

Number of nights spent not in a hotel or hostel (i.e., in a hut, tent, ger, train, plane, boat, or airport): 60 nights

Number of flights: 44 flights

Number of miles flown: 46,455 miles

Number of cars rented: 7 (New Zealand, Tasmania, the Great Ocean Road, Queensland, Turkey (one big car and one small car), and South Africa -- plus two scooters in Koh Samui, Thailand that we didn't include)

Number of miles driven: 10,395 km / 6,459 miles

Number of miles traveled by train: 13,177 km / 8,188 miles (train trips in Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, Mongolia, Russia, and Italy)
Number of different ways we crossed international borders: 5 (plane, train, car, boat, and on foot)

Number of boxes shipped home: 6 boxes

Hottest temperature: 115 °F (Antalya, Turkey)

Coldest temperature: 19 °F (Kala Patthar, Nepal)

Number of books read: 32 books (not including all of our guide books)

Number of pictures taken:
21,429 pictures (we're editing and trying to cut down this number by at least half)

Number of folks from home who we saw on the trip: 9 (plus Sara's uncle in L.A. on the way to New Zealand and our NYC friends on the way home)

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  1. Wow... so cool! Thanks for sharing.

    Hoping that one day, once our kids are out of the house, Toni and I can do something similar.